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Shandong Tek Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacturer of high quality brewing equipment, Food and Beverage machine, Fruit and Vegetable processing machine Stainless Steel tank in China. 

Since 2011, Tek Company is established and starts to build the premium Food Beverage equipment and Fruit Vegetable Processing machine for microbreweries and food industries all over the world

Main Product Range:

Food, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machine

Brewing Equipment for food and Beverage, like Beer, Wine, Coffee and other beverage.

Stainless Steel Tanks for food and Beverage, like Beer, Wine, Coffee and other beverage.

Frying Machine

Potato Soluting Machine Frozen French Fries, Chips Making Machine

Meat Product Machine

Vegetable Processing Line 

IQF Quick Freezer

Drying Machine

and other Food Machinery 

Our Services including Machinery Design, Production, Installation, Commissioning, and Production Line Upgrade. We are dedicated to custom made equipment meeting customers and Industries needs.

Welcome to Tek Company! 



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