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Cooking Kettle

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Shandong Tek Machinery Cooking Kettle

Cooking Kettle is widely applied in all kinds of food processing, candy, syrup, lotus paste,beanpaste, jam, sweetmeats, pastries, drinks, candied fruit, can, fruit jam, beans, popcorn, jujube paste, sauce, curry prepared food and daily che. industry,  other industries, mixing, dairy, wine, and other food processing.

Cooking Kettle  Reference Model
OD (mm)60070080090010001100
Heaarea (m2)0.450.581.121.421.752
Boil time (min)5811141822
Speed (R/min)363636363636
Power (kw)0.550.550.751.11.11.5
HeatingGas Electric Steam


Classifications of Cooking Kettle

By Heating:

1. Electric heating; 2. Steam heating; 3. Gas( LPG or Natural gas) heating.

By Configuration

1. Tilting / vertical type 2. With / without agitator 3. Ordinary / planetary stirring type 4. With / without lid.

Steam heating jacketed kettle

It is heated by steam and needs to be used with a steam generator. It heats up quickly, is not easy to stick to the pot, and is heated evenly.Optional high bracket, insulation layer, stirrer.It can also be made into a stand-up type that cannot be dumped.

Gas heating jacketed pot

It is heated in the form of liquefied gas or natural gas,and can be poured and discharged by hand. There is a stirrer on the top, which can stir the material and stir it against the bottom.

Tiltable electric heating jacketed pot

It is heated in the from of electric heating heat transfer oil, which has fast heating, uniform heating and slow cooling. The picture shows the addition of a stirring device. You can choose whether to add a stirring device.


1> It is widely used in candy, cakes, soft drinks, fruit juices, dairy products, canned food and brewing, daily life, and so on industry sandwich pot. mainly used in meat products, candy, beverages, canned food, can also be used for large restaurants or dining rooms for porridge, boiling water, cooking.

2> The cooking pot body adopts a stamping molding stainless steel head, to ensure the smooth.

3> High-quality stainless steel manufacturing, fully meets the requirements of food hygiene.

4> Mixer with agitator, using tiltable pot, discharging fast and no residue.

5> Compact structure, convenient operation, and maintenance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and long service life.